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A new generation of listeners enjoys FaithPlay for trusted Christian podcasts in one easy-to-use app

Share Your Message on the Premier Christian Podcast App

The premier platform for Christian podcasters aiming to change lives for the Gospel.

FaithPlay is a new way to deliver solid, Biblical content to modern Christian listeners. Whether they are in the car, at the gym, or at home. FaithPlay delivers top Christian podcasts into a single, easy-to-use app available on iOS and Android. Share your Christian podcast today.

Don't get stuck broadcasting your message to the same limited audience. Get started today and bring your message to FaithPlay. Discover how ministries are tapping into a new and growing body of listeners to increase their listenership and share the Gospel.

Listen Anywhere
Our mobile app allows listeners to take great Christian content wherever life takes them. They just open the app, press play, and they're engaged in teaching from the world's greatest teachers.
Sharing To Grow
FaithPlay allows listeners to share their favorite messages via email, text, Facebook, or any format they choose. This allows new listeners to get a personal invite to hear your message.
Easy Notifications
Listeners easily subscribe to any podcast and are actively notified when new episodes are available. With badges and notifications, FaithPlay listeners never miss a new episode.
Don't miss out on the newest platform for trusted Christian podcasts.
Get discovered by a new Christian audience.

“I can always find a message to help me with what I'm going through. THANK YOU!!!!!

“I've started using FaithPlay daily to listen at work, in the car, working out, and at home. :)

“Creating favorites list and choosing messages is super simple.

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